Top 7 Tips To Scale Your Revenue With Facebook Ads

The modern world runs on digital, and this means that the best way to scale your revenue is with the digital world. Today’s consumers are very smart and informed, which means you don’t need to be a marketer of high social status to achieve a higher ROI (Return on Investment).

The question is- whether or not you know how to scale revenue with Facebook Ads?

The growing number of Facebook users and their experiences with the platform makes it inevitable to come across brand pages they like (and brands they don’t). This also means increased traffic can be generated by investing in Facebook ads costs

If you are facing challenges in creating your Facebook ads login and taking advantage of the benefits of Facebook ads, you can read this blog post for a few professional tips.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid promotional or marketing services. It’s often in the column on the right side of the news feed, and can also be found in the primary news feed itself in the Marketplace option. Facebook ads manager can typically help you drive users to take any action, such as app downloading and making a purchase. They also help you to manage your Facebook ads library and work on different ways to reach out to people swiftly, avoiding the traditional way of marketing through social media posts.

Facebook ads are the most cost-effective tool in digital marketing. And they are not just limited to big corporations; even a single person can invest in Facebook ads costs all by themselves. 

What Are The Different Formats For Facebook Ads?

Below are the three major formats of Facebook ads: 

  • Video Ads

These types of Facebook ads are best for creating brand awareness as they are self-explanatory, and viewers highly prefer to watch video ads over any other format ads.

Product advertisements are generally known for their call to action capability. For example, you can use the Facebook ads editor to add links to redirect customers directly to the desired platform.

  • Carousel Ads

Carousel Facebook ads manager lets you present up to 10 images or videos at one time, each item with its link. Use them to display products or services, highlight different features of your business, promote an event, or share stories. 

  • Photo Ads

Facebook ads library for photos automatically promotes products to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app, or elsewhere on Facebook. 

Why Choose Facebook Ads?


Advertising on Facebook is a great way to fetch your business more exposure in front of current and new customers. Facebook ads editor offers very targeted advertising options, meaning you can be sure that your ad is showing up for your ideal customer. 

Following Are The Objective Of Using the Facebook Ads Library For The Users:
  • High Conversion

Facebook ads cost a very minimal amount to grow your website and reach your target customers online. In addition, by building trust and credibility, the Facebook ads library helps with high conversion. 

  • Awareness

Your Facebook ad manager can use the company’s unique strategies to help people engage with the company. It focuses on your ultimate goals – like getting people to your website and engaging them in useful discussions and purchases later, which results in excellent brand awareness.

  • Push More Audience To Show Interest

Facebook ads login compels people to think about your business, product, or service and pushes them to focus more and seek further information about it. 

If you’re just getting started with Facebook Ads, you CAN NOT afford to miss these seven strategic tips!

  1. Vertical Videos

You can add videos with a vertical or square aspect ratio for a great conversation with the Facebook Ads manager. However, as you know, many people prefer holding their devices vertically, so it’s better to put videos with a square aspect ratio as it fits with the choice of the users.

  1. Short Texts

Facebook users usually spend 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours daily. They don’t want to spend this time reading long content, so it is better to write concise content on the Facebook ads editor.

  1. Add Images With Carousel Format

Carousel ads allow users to add multiple images for the targeted audience when they scroll with minimal Facebook ads cost. Most businesses find this strategy very beneficial to put multiple brands or product images.

  1. Moving Ads

Ads with movement always leave a greater impression on the viewers. In addition, Facebook ads manager offers you free templates that can automatically animate your ads whenever you add stories ads. Editing with colors, images, and fonts is also available.

  1. Try Call To Action Button

This button captures the entire attraction and prompts viewers to engage with the ads that appear on their Facebook timeline. Different businesses with their respective formats may find this button useful during campaigns, even with different purposes.

  1. Use Facebook Pixels

Using Facebook pixels on websites isn’t just enough. And if you want to take a step forward to see the outcome in a quick span, try using Facebook pixels in the popup campaigns as well. But, again, you can try using various tools from the Facebook ads editor that are available for this task.

  1. Be Crystal Clear With Your Goals

Even if you are a master of all the above tips, there are still chances you might not be well at planning and strategizing your Facebook ads library in accordance with your goals. You might need to keep it clear and systemized with your business goals. 

Let’s Wrap Up
Facebook ads are perfect for businesses due to their massive audience, targeting options, ad format, and paid marketing model. Facebook ads manager will help you reach out to more potential customers while at the same time increasing sales digits.


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